Are you photosensitive? Maybe you just don’t know it!

Don’t confuse photosensitivity with sun allergy. It’s an extremely rare disease, but there are more and more people visiting the dermatologists with symptoms like hives and eczema after exposure to the sun. They presumably became sensitive to light (photo contact dermatitis).

photosensitivity_left_armWhat causes it?

Our chemical environment has changed a lot. There are a great number of products – e.g. cosmetics, medicines – as well as environmental effects such as harmful substances which got into the body with water or food developing this disease. Light alone can’t be blamed, it just triggers the problems: it transforms the chemicals in the skin, and that causes rashes.

What are the symptoms?

Sun rash looks like hives, it may occur on the chest or face. The patient experiences these red and itchy spots disappearing within 1-2 days spontaneously after being exposed to the sun. You can foster recovery with antihistamines and / or calcium pills, creams and topical steroids, but these must be prescribed (cooling and soothing creams are generally not sufficient to solve the problem).

How to protect yourself?


You should protect your skin from direct sunlight with Sunscreen creams, especially if you have any kind of pigmentation disorder. If rashes come out regularly despite using sun block, you should see the doc to have it checked because photosensitivity can be the first sign of serious immune disorders.

Can photosensitivity indicate more serious problems?

If white or dark spots appear on the skin, it’s advisable to go to the doctor as it does matter what causes them and whether these can be treated or not. You can save yourself even from deadly diseases.

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