15 Foods That Makes Your Skin Age Faster

Seriously, who doesn’t want smooth, firm and clear skin? It’s not easy to always look fresh and young even on your worst days, especially if you don’t eat healthy. Believe it or not a healthy lifestyle can change everything. Check out what foods you should avoid and forget about wrinkles.


1. Microwave Dinners


Avoid using microwave when you can. Those meals you put in it to heat up are very high in sodium due to the preservatives. Carcinogenic compounds form during microwaving the prepared food and milk, as well. The huge number of processed ingredients cause inflammation and puff appearance.

2. Cheap Meat Products


Don’t be mean, buy more expensive products of better quality and always read the list of ingredients on them! Cheap meat is always full of fat and packed with preservatives. Be particularly careful with spiced and salted meat, because there’s a chance that it’s an old piece. You might do not notice any negative effect now; problems will come to surface later in life.

3. Carbohydrates


To increase your life span, try to cut the carbohydrates out of your diet. They influence the insulin in your blood. The increase in insulin production prevents a gene related your vitality from functioning normally in your body, not to mention the fact that excess carbohydrates will just leave you hungry shortly after eating.

4. Wheat


Wheat is also one of the horrible foods that speeds up the aging process for you. The glycation end products damage your skin while speeding up the aging. Wrinkles on your face and the rest of your body will form easier and faster. The overconsumption of wheat in combination with high blood sugar makes the situation even worse.

5. Corn


Products made of corn such as cereal and corn chips contain high fructose levels due to what the process of aging can speed up by a factor of up to ten times the norm. It is also good to know that corn causes imbalance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, which originally should help against premature aging.

6. Milk and Cheese


Great number of people is sensitive to casein, the milk protein. No surprise, this protein can clog up the body and cause constipation. Acne and eczema also often appears because of the over-consumption of dairy products.

7. Soda


Most carbonated beverages hold high levels of sugar. The problem with fructose is that it also affects your skin. It will lose its elasticity and become wrinkled. By drinking fizzy drinks, you body does not receive the needed amount of liquid. Only water can help you in hydrating.

8. Excess Coffee


Coffee in small doses can really be helpful for a lot of people. In huge amounts, however, caffeinated beverages act as a diuretic, preventing the skin from holding water and damaging it. Due to dehydration, wrinkles start to appear earlier than they should. Remember to drink and extra glass of water for every cup of coffee.

9. Fast Food


This kind of food contains a lot of trans fatty acids which can easily cause blockages within your arteries. There are a lot of calories in them and are hard to digest, so they simply turn into fat. Just to mention another disadvantage of junk food, they degrade the protective component of your chromosomes. Consequently, you age early.

10. Processed Food


You can find both fatty acids and carbohydrates in processed food. These carbs do irreversible damage to collagen, which originally supposed to make your skin elastic, firm and wrinkle-free. The artificial ingredients like flavorings and preservatives are all known to be harmful for your health. In addition, they do not have the same amount of nutrients in them as whole foods.

11. Salty Food


Meals with high salt content dehydrate your body. In result, your skin dries out, so you will look much older than you actually are. Kidney failure and high blood pressure problems are also closely connected to consuming really salty food.

12. Alcohol


Alcohol is another substance drying your skin out. Heavy drinking destroys almost everything in your body. Premature and accelerated aging is one of the major consequences. Plus, you will not only look older, but also feel older. Your organs will not function normally and your brain will also be affected in a negative way.

13. Energy Drinks


Since energy drinks contain high levels of caffeine, they act similar to coffee. Besides dehydration, the compounds deteriorate the enamel of your teeth, leading to periodontal issues. Toxic trace elements not being researched completely also seem dangerous to your health.

14. Sweets, desserts


Sugar is usually the most common cause for inflammation in your body. Eating cakes and candies only load the body with empty calories. Sugar degrades the effectiveness of your metabolism, and put you at risk at high cholesterol. Consume it in case you need instant energy, but make sure it will get used by exercising for instance.

15. Artificial Sweeteners


Artificial sweeteners are not good alternatives if you want to replace sugar. They usually contain aspartame, which may sound innocent but actually this liver toxic compound is related to rapid aging and the development of cancer. Don’t forget to always limit your sugar intake, especially the refined one.