30 Amazing Uses Of Coconut Oil

In Philippines, the coconut is commonly called ‘the tree of life’. Most people don’t even know that the oil of this tree has so many great health benefits. Here are 30 creative ways to use this super food.

30. Moisturize Skin

To fight dry skin an prevent skin stretching use natural coconut oil anywhere on the body. It’s better than any other oil, and your skin will immediately feel hydrated after applying a small amount.

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  1. The absolutely amazing things that you can do with coxnut oil is extraordinary. Unfortunately I didn’t get to rub any in my belly whilst I was pregnant as I was told that stretch marks were hereditary. Well I was doing great , bur then I saw one huge line going from my pubic bone all the up to my belly button. I started to get really upset as I had worked soooo hard on my body and was very sporty also. Anywayz I’m getting off the point, about 2 weeks before I was due my stomach dropped and all of a sudden I had hundreds of stretch marks all covering my stomach. I was gutted. I was only a size 6-8 and prior to pregnancy I was only 8-8st 5. But whilst pregnant I’d putonghua 2 stone nearly. Eventually the time came and I had my daughter whom for a person of my size etc she was regarded as huge. She weighed 8’6oz and was 27 centimeters long her father is 6″3 so I knew I’d have a tallish baby but all marks I couldn’t handle. Then I started using coconut oil and immediately saw a difference. I still have some stubborn ones that I may get removed but all those facts about coconut oil was amazing as I wasn’t aware of have half of them so I’m now going to smell like a coconut 24/7 and wait until it’s on offer in Hollands & Baretts when you buy one full price and get another for a penny. I’m ever sioiii sorry to have gone on but you really must try the coconut and don’t just give up after a couple of weeks give it a chance and I guarantee you you’ll never buy another product. Well goodbye from me and I wish you all the best. XxxxX

    • Hi, Jaime! First of all, it is important to accept your stretch marks. They are the signs of a miracle happening in your body and the proof of your bravery and strength. It’s never too late to start to use coconut oil. Like you said, this product is truly amazing and has dozens of advantages. Keep using it and thanks for sharing your story! Xx

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