11 Tips for Better Sleep and Fresh Mornings

If you’re having a hard time falling asleep and sleeping through the whole night you’re doing something wrong. Take these advices and you will not only sleep better but you will also feel energized in the morning.

1. Avoid using your phone


Do not chat with your friends or check the social websites two hours before you go to bet, because this is the time when your brain starts producing melatonin which influences your sleep cycle. The lights of your phone and computer reduce the production of this hormone making it more difficult to fall asleep.

2. Turn off the blue lights


Similar to your electronic devices, many light bulbs have blue lights. Turn all of these off and try to purchase other ones in the shops. They are less harmful for your eyes and your sleep schedule.

3. Sleep in a dark room


Some people find it easier to fall asleep in not-so-dark room, while others like to wake up with the sun shining through the window. However, it is not so effective when your organism is trying to wake up. If you open your eyes in the dark first and then pull up the blinds, you’ll be awake much faster.

4. Fill yourself up with energy


Try to get up 5 minutes before you normally would, and go get some sunlight or sit down in a warm and light room when the weather is not so friendly. This brightness will energize you and improve your mood instantly.

5. Take a hot bath before sleep


Our body temperature usually decreases a bit in the evening which makes you feel sleepy. Take a really hot bath and due to the change of your body temperature, you will want to get into the bed earlier. Plus, lying in a hot tub of water always helps relax and calm you down.

6. Turn off the heating


Of course you like sleeping in a warm room and keep the heating on during the night. In fact, the ideal temperature for sleep is between 15°C/59°F and 19°C/66°F. Maybe that is the reason you can’t get a decent sleep.

7. Wear socks


Before your organism almost turns off, it sends more blood into your hands and feet. If you keep them warm by wearing socks, the blood vassals will dilate and your body temperature will decrease. Consequently, you fall asleep a lot faster.

8. Start with a morning exercise


Waking your body up is not the only thing physical activity is good for. Just five minutes of exercise can boost your mood and give more energy for the day. It’s really worth to wake up a little bit earlier!

9. Workout at the same time


Doing your workouts at the same time every day makes them more efficient and also improves your sleep. Your body will learn and get used to when it has to use its energy and shut your brain down to have some rest.

10. Hard work, better sleep


If you actively and regularly do sports your body will not only be healthier and better looking, but making it easier for you to fall asleep. It’s more satisfying to get into your bed after a hard day and an exhausting training.

11. Early breakfast


A good stodgy breakfast wakes your metabolism and you up, as well. It provides enough energy to work more efficient and faster. Try to wake up and eat at the same time each day, also making it less likely for you to get fat.